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Yacademy provides Education for a Digital Future. With a broad range of offline and online courses in Digital Technologies & Innovation, we are able to future-proof any organization or individual to succeed in an increasingly online world. Besides providing interactive courses, we assess and credit all our AlumnY with a credible scoring mechanism in order to start or further a career in Digital. Our HQ is in Jakarta, but our aim is global.

Our Story

Started by the founder of YDIGITAL ASIA out of the necessity to find and train talent for digital jobs, he saw that finding talented people with experience was an industry-wide, and yes, even a global problem. Seeing that traditional online and offline training companies were not tackling this specific problem, a team was assembled to start a sister company with only one mission: "Bridge the global digital skill gap." With that in mind, Yacademy was created and is relentlessy finding the most efficient ways to attract, train, assess & place digital talent. The overarching purpose is to accelerate progress by bridging the digital skill gap.

Our Purpose

People drive progress, and technology helps accelerating that progress. By Educating people in Digital Technologies, Yacademy aims at accelarating that progress exponentially.

Our Vision

To build a community & online platform that allows people to acquire or refine digital knowledge & skills that will benefit them.

Our Mission

We want to be the leading education hub for digital technology & innovation.

We Provide Education For a Digital Future

Online Learning

Yacademy provides an elearning platfrom with constantly updated state of the art content and assesment features in order to benefit maximally from an online investment in Digital Education.

Offline Learning

Our offline learning solutions compliment & sometimes lay the foundation for Yacademy's online learning module. These interactive courses & exercises bring out the best out of every student and are mostly combined with online learning.

Corporate Training

Corporates have specific needs when it comes to skills training & digital transformation. Our corporate solution packages are tailored made and aim to alleviate the digital growing pains almost all organizations are dealing with.

Digital Community

By bringing together industry leaders, organizations, teachers and partners, our AlumnY are exposed to a growing community of digital enthusiasts that have a shared passion for innovation & aim to be the digital leaders of tomorrow.

Our Culture

By it's very nature, Yacademy provides a culture where intellectual curiosity, innovation & fun are at it's core. We foster a dynamic, thriving and innovative work environment. We're based in Jakarta with global reach, surrounded by other emerging start-ups at the Kejora Headquaters.

Our Values

Teach and Learn

Teach and Learn

Our team comes from various backgrounds, but all love learning & teaching whenever possible.

Experiment and Innovate

Experiment & Innovate

As the digital world is ever evolving, we need to be on our toes' and challenge any assumption, experiment for innovation & iterate when necessary. Nothing is stable, nor will it ever be.

Invest Time with AlumnY

Invest Time with AlumnY

Our AlumnY are our pride. These are intelligent, motivated people who'd like to get ahead in life. They can teach us a lot, and we love spending time with them!

Go the Extra (S)mile

Go the Extra (S)mile

Ordinary is just ordinary. Everything we do should be extra-ordinary. This is the spice of life, and we aim to make whatever impact we can have worth the time.

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